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The Dore Urgent Care Center, est. 2009
Dore Urgent Care Clinic and Dore Residence (Acute Diversion Unit)add another important mental health treatment resource for San Francisco residents.  Progress Foundation currently operates more than a dozen Crisis Residential or Acute Diversion Units (ADUs), Transitional Residential, and Supported Living Programs in 3 counties in Northern California, opening the first in 1969.  Progress Foundation programs offer individuals with mental illness an alternative to hospitalization and a continuum of care built on a social rehabilitation model, emphasizing individual treatment and self-determination.  Our transitional programs and ADU’s have been important pieces in the continuum, with ADU’s providing a way to avoid hospitalization or sometimes shorten hospital stays and transitional programs helping individuals work on longer term goals to develop more independence and the tools to support recovery. 

Community programs, such as city-operated outpatient mental health clinics, substance abuse programs, jail psychiatric services, including Jail Aftercare, case management programs operating in supportive housing settings, hotels and shelters, and other settings often confront an escalating crisis that requires a swift and structured intervention in order to avoid involuntary hospitalization.  The Dore Urgent Care Clinic and Residence will provide a community based clinical setting for crisis stabilization, assessment, and referral for these community urgent care referrals, as well as providing police officers with an additional resource when they encounter individuals needing psychiatric assistance.

The capacity to intervene early gives individuals with mental illness a true choice in treatment options and the hope of seeking treatment with dignity before the power to make that decision is taken away.  Progress Foundation will continue to develop and advocate for effective alternatives to institutionalization and is proud to move forward with this latest program serving those with the greatest need, with a continued commitment to facilitating self-determination in treatment.